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Design Thinking Creating Opportunities

Welcome on our e-learning platform. This is where we flip our classroom. On this platform you can learn before you actually run your first session. Please be sure to complete all lectures before you meet up with your team to prepare the session on the 30th of March. 

How to generate tons of ideas. How to pitch. How to create an ultimate user-experience. How to facilitate creative workshops? Our e-learning platform offers you a great way to improve your Design Thinking skills with rich content and in-depth discussion.

Here we offer three courses:

1. Creative Workshop Design - By Sem Carree & Tijl Hoornstra

2. Crash course Service Design Thinking  - By Frank van de Ven

3. How to pitch like a boss - By Marin Licina

Enjoy our online courses and good luck with the assignments.

February 9, 2016